Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Mass rally to mark one year since the illegal invasion of Iraq 

Time: 12 noon
Date: Saturday March 20, 2004
Where: Assemble at Hyde Park North

Join thousand of others concerned with the illegal war waged by George Bush, Tony Blair and our own John Howard. Come allong and hear a range of speakers, including John PILGER and Andrew WILKIE, talk about the war, the lack of weapons of mass destruction and how we can stop our government committing such a crime in future.

Join the march through the city and back to Hyde Park. Show our politicians, the media and all Australians that we still want to see an end to this invasion, the removal of foreign troops, democratic elections and the involvement of the UN. End Bush's theory of pre-emptive war once and for all.

Let's keep up the momentum generated throughout Australia in 2003 and mark the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq with this globally synchronised protest to prove that the Australian people have not 'moved on' from the past and present horrors being wrought upon the Iraqi people.

More details will come soon. Leaflets will be available at the next Western Sydney Peace Group meeting, or can be mailed if you contact us. (Email: timothy.k.vollmer@uts.edu.au or Phone: 0404 273 313)

Friday, February 06, 2004

Troops Out Now! End the Occupation of Iraq! 

Let's keep up the momentum generated throughout Australia in 2003 and mark the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq with this globally synchronised protest to prove that the Australian people have not 'moved on' from the past and present horrors being wrought upon the Iraqi people.

12:00 noon, Saturday March 20, 2004
Assemble @ Hyde Park North
March through the city back to Hyde Park

Confirmed speakers include: John PILGER, Andrew WILKIE.


More details will become available closer to the date. Check out the Stop the War Coalition Sydney website @ http://www.stopwarcoalition.org/ or contact Angela 0408 321 327, Luke 0419 135 019 or Anna 0401 900 690 for more info on how you can help build the rally.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Dear Friends,

American President George W Bush will visit Australia in October. More than 300,000 people marched through the streets of Sydney to say NO WAR in Iraq. Now four months after Bush declared an official end to hostilities, all the evidence says that we were right and Bush, Blair and Howard lied about weapons of mass destruction and other issues. They were wrong. They are still wrong.

Now the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition is calling the people of Sydney together again on Sunday, 19th October at Prince Alfred Park between 2 pm and 4 pm.

There will be speakers to analyse the tragedy created in Iraq, the US-led war’s destabilising effect in the Middle East, its impact on the Palestinian situation, and the secretive Australian-US free trade agreement.

We will roast the inglorious leaders Bush, Blair and Howard in a program of satire, comedy and entertainment. Everyone is asked to sharpen their wit to cut down the arrogance of George W Bush and his Australian lap dog.

Who can forget the many slogans and images of Bush and Howard which were broadcast around the nation on February 16. In that spirit, there will be four $100 prizes in our "creative ridicule competition" for the best placard/banner and the best display by adults and by school students.

All who participated in previous rallies are asked to mobilise their friends and to take part in our campaign. (This letter is attached for printing)

Yours for peace

Bruce Childs Dr Hannah Middleton Rev Ray Richmond Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition Convenors

Messages to the President

We want everyone to send a "message to the President" about why we reject his policies.

A letter sent to the daily press can also be sent to local papers and Parliamentarians.

We also encourage people to say in their letters why they are going to participate on 19th October.

A wide range of issues can be canvassed, including the "embedded" media campaign, the terrorist issue, race and religious hatred, intelligence issues, weapons of mass destruction, Australia’s national interest, and more.

While everyone will have a different angle, that is part of our strength as we represent so many different points of view.

Nevertheless we can agree that the occupying forces in Iraq should be withdrawn to allow the United Nations to create a transitional regime to ensure genuine democratic elections and the speedy restoration of Iraqi sovereignty.

We have a number of useful sources and site to assist letter writers. These include: www.nswpeace.org and http://evatt.labor.net.au/

Donations: You can also help by helping with the costs of organising and publicising the 19th October event. Donations can be sent to Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition, PO Box A899, Sydney South NSW 1235.

For further information please contact:
Bruce Childs 0412 803 457
Dr Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098
Rev Ray Richmond 0412 915 161

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Bush Visit!! 

Check out the new website:


It has info about planned actions when Bush visits next month. It will be a useful tool to keep updated if you plan to rally. Check it out now if you are interested in joining the planning meetings. There is also a lot of useful info and links.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Bush Visit to Australia 

Muster at Prince Alfred Park
(walk south from Central down Chalmers St)
Sunday 19th October

"Creative Ridicule" competition. 'Rewards for best placard ($100) and
best display

Speakers and entertainment

Say "NO" to Bush's visit!

Organised by the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition
More info: Hannah 0418 668098

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